Going further, together.

Our Projects.


We contribute to projects that have significance in both impact and scope. We’ve covered Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia in climate change, renewable energy, private sector development and innovation.


The Hive Effect

Developing UN Climate Change Targets for the Paris Agreement

Recruiting technical expertise for a global climate strategy.


Supporting Women Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Building partnerships & business for women empowerment.


Access to EU Funding for Climate & Environment projects

Helping climate & environment startups access EU finance.

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The Hive Effect

Implementing the Sustainable Energy For All initiative in Africa

Mobilising consultants for energy access in Western Africa.

The Hive Effect

Promoting sustainable and innovative tourism

Building a community of travel startups and innovators.


Business Promotion & International Trade

Bringing innovative products and companies into new markets.


Our Partners.

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CJH Multisourcing is a key partner of The Hive Effect, working as an independent international management services provider in emerging economies. CJHM is specialised in the recruitment of experts and managing projects in sustainable transportation, private sector development and natural resource management.


We work with a shared purpose to reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.